Saturday, November 8, 2014

Downton Abbey

Friday evening came and went.. A whole bottle of red, was consumed while watching the first episodes of Downton Abbey. I was told I'd probably like this serie, that person was totally right! I love the English costume drama series and movies. I think the english are just brilliant in this genre. Everything is so well made and thought through, down to the smallest details.. And I'm such a sucker for anything old, I love drooling over all the wonderful clothes and surroundings.

My first impression of Downton Abbey is really good. Great cast, wonderful costumes and settings, plot is good, lovely characters, not boring. I already have a few favourite characters. Love it! Will probably see some more episodes of it tonight. Wondering what's going to happend next.. That's ususally a good sign.

Best of all, it's been aired for a while. So I have 5 whole seasons to indulge in, with a season 6 coming up! I might be the last person on the planet watching this serie, as I've heard of it for a while now. I don't know why I haven't checked it out before now. How ever, if you haven't seen it yet and like english costume dramas, I really reccommend this serie. It's so well made and the plot is good, so far. Give it a go!

"A chronicle of the lives of the Crawley family and their servants, beginning in the years leading up to World War I."


  1. I have not seen Downton Abbey but have been meaning to watch it. Have you seen the movie Belle? It is an amazing costume drama.

    1. Ooooo that's one I haven't seen Lady M, haven't heard of it either.. Had to look it up on IMDb. Looks like a wonderful movie! I see that it's based on a true story as well, which I think makes it even more interesting. I can imagine it must have been hard for her, being born into an aristocratic family at that time. It must have been quite a struggle. Thanks for the tip! I most definitely have to see that one :D


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