Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Bliss

Finally Friday, people.. Best day of the week, has finally arrived. We woke up to light snowfall this morning. Cold and dark. And it's dark by the time we get home too.. Doesn't exactly invite to any outdoors activity. Can't wait to get home to the mansion, wiggle my butt way down in the corner of the sofa, with a big glass of red. With no other plan, than finding something nice to watch on my computer. An excellent plan, if you ask me.

Yesterday I managed to rescue some last summer flowers, for winter storage in the basement. Kind of last moment, with the cold that has been lingering in the air the last, few days. Saturday I will be digging up the very last plants, that won't survive our norwegian winter. That will also be the end of any garden work for this year. Winter has indeed arrived..

Would love to have an old bench like this, in our garden..
A glass of red, in front of the fire place.. No better winter activity!

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