Thursday, November 6, 2014

Drunken Sailors

I'm back after some days of much needed rest, after the Halloween party.. Everything turned out really great, we had an awsome time! It's such a good feeling to gather friends to something like this. Seeing that everything turns out as planned and that everyone is enjoying themself. I think a good party can leave you with a real boost of energy and good wibes. This one surely did!

We had the Dead Sailors Inn full of tipsy and more or less drunken sailors, pirates, one mermaid, a demon, and a banana (!). The banana claimed she was sailors food and that we was more than welcome to take a bite. She handed out flyers with information to the sailors. Saying that bananas is good for scurvy and winter depressions. In case you wonder, she was still intact at the end of the night. I think all the Halloween candy we had strategically placed around the bar. might have saved her from a gloomy, ghastly death lol.

It was a wet evening, with rain showers that came and went. But it was warm. Turned out we didn't have to worry about the heat at all. We were so worried that people would freeze, so we went out and bought an extra heater that runs on gas. Instead it got really warm. So warm that our mermaid friend running around in her bra, thought it was just perfect. Me in my padded, chinese jacket and wool socks on the other hand..

Our very good buddy, Kim Lia. Gave us a hell of a concert and rocked the bar big time!! It was so awsome to have live music in our saloon. We have been talking and dreaming about it for a while now. Finally the dream got realized.. The best feeling! We're so greatful that Kim wanted to play for us. As my love put it: The best birthday and Halloween party ever!! Big words coming from an american.

I've added a few photos from the night..
More obscure photos, will be added in a later post!

Me as pirate Ching Shih, with my pirate friend..
Kim rocking the joint
Ching Shih, Miss Mermaid and Banana Lady...


  1. Wow - terrific looking party - love the pirate saloon. It reminds me of a little bar we went to in New Orleans called Jean Lafittes. And live entertainment too! Your guests get treated very well

    1. Thanks, Lady M!! It was totally awsome.. I know, right ;) Not bad being a guest here? Had to pinch my arm a second, when we had our buddy playing for us haha.. That's cool! Would so love to go to New Orleans. Normally we have more of a western twist to the bar, but with some details that reminds me more of New Orleans/Missisipi. At least what I've seen in movies and stuff ;) On the check list to go one year!


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