Thursday, October 22, 2009

Morning coffee and sculls

O isn't it just lovely to wake up and have your first morning coffee, by a scull decorated table and surf the world for gory props and ideas? Which by the way resulted in an other horrifying dream last night.. What you say about being chased by a bunch of madmen and a set of vintage fake teeth? And a wild car chase to top it with!? Every time I woke up, I could swear that the monster in the corner was alive.. In the morning light, I could see that my "monster" was indeed our wintercoats and not so much alive.. Scary monster. Sounds just like an other Halloween nightmare to me. Hmmm ask me in 10 days time, maybe I'm not so cocky about it by then..

O joy, only 10 days left!! Exciiited! Yet a bit nervous for my costume:/ I couldn't see that it was sent with the tracking number I was given.. Which gives me a bit of a bad feeling.. Crossing legs, fingers, hair and toes and pretty much everything else I got!!! In the mean while I'll occupy my worried mind with some more satisfying issues. Like which haunted house to chose for our wall decor. I've decided to print out a few pictures (found at Photobucket) of haunted houses to hang on the wall over our family photos, maybe a grave yard or two to go with it! I think it will add that extra spooky feel to our Cabinet Of Death...

A few haunted places that I have in mind... Be aware;)

Our private family graveyard in the backyard

Night at the mansion..

Our guests last year..

Frontyard decor..?

Those summers in the south..

Cousin Victoria paying a visit..


  1. The image that you titled "Night at the mansion" (haunted.jpg) is Copyright ©2004 Arlen Nielsen.

  2. Hi Arlen:) Thanks for the info and I appologize, I don't claim the rights to any of these pictures. Sometimes it can be hard to find the artist behind the pictures.. As described, all the pictures were found at photobucket, the text underneath is merely an explanation to my Halloween display last Halloween, and my imaginary house of horrors.. They were all printed out, framed and put together with the rest of my horrific nick nacks;) Love your picture by the way, everything from the sign on the fence and the one lit up window.. A real classic old, creepy, haunted house:)


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