Monday, October 26, 2009

Gholish Delights and Toilet Demons...

I just love these creepy spider cupcakes from Martha Stewart!! Gotta have'em for our Halloween table this year!!!:D Easy made and just perfect for our cabinet!! Can't wait to see our guests expression when they see them, probably a couple that will skip the dessert... More for me. Moooahhahahha! The ladies' fingers are just awsome, but I think they will have to wait till next year as it seems to be a bit more work with them... I never claimed to be a super house wife with the baking bowl in one hand and my husbands slippers in the other. One baking project is enough for this gal';)

Our Cabinet Of Death is slowly coming together. My man is working on half a dousin little projects, gholish looking creatures lying around waiting for being put up. In the meanwhile it looks like a slaughter house in here. We have a couple of legs sticking out by the entrance door, making my mom run to the toilet everytime she stops by.. Hhaha Promising. For the longest time I froze every time I saw them, even I knew they were there and made of cardboard. They look so real, wearing my husband's trousers and shoes... O darlin', are you..? Quite bizzare. Also we have a horrifying, demon looking creature guarding our door, waiting to be put up in the toilet. We decided to wait till the longest with that one, as we're not quite sure how the neighbour will react to a demon leaning over the toilet, as she takes a pee in the middle of the night... Hhahahhaa

Saturday we turned the boxes at the second hand store upside down in the search for a cute baby costme for our little Halloween ghoul Sam. After searching the boxes in and out, we finally found the perfect little outfit that we had in mind. Very childish and inocent looking, but simple:) Now we just need to find him a weapon. At first we were thinking of a knife, we also have been concidering a broken popcicle (like in the movie), or a small toy chainsaw that we found in the store on Saturday.. haha What ever we go for, I think they all will look really cool together with the bloody trick or treat bag!!;) Our little monster trick or treater!

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