Thursday, October 8, 2009

I've been a bad girl, again..

It was after leaving work Tuesday, after a long and fucked up day! The worse weather ever, rain pooring down like someone was standing with a waterhose up there and deliberately pointing it at us. The wind blowing it up underneath the useless umbrella making everything wet. Giving us a strange longing for full rubber costumes, fully water proofed and tried out for decades at sea by rough fishermen! Glorious autumn weather. That's when we decided to seek shelter from the weather at Last Train, a little rock bar down town.

Coming in, we saw them rigging up their equipment. Concert! On a Tuesday? One beer later and the desission was made, lets stay to check it out! (It usually starts with one beer, doesn't it)? More people coming and slowly filling up, turning out it is a release party. Some champagne later, a few beer and chillinuts they started. And WOW, what a pleasent surprise! The band Seven were well worth the wait and the 80,- that they charged us for staying:) A sort of poped rock music. I really loved the cords, the beat, the vocal, yes the whole sound! Finding a new band that you like, is like finding a jewle among stones!!

Long story short, Great night! Getting to talk to the bandmembers afterwards was really a plus. I love the small stage concerts, such a different feeling than the big productions.. Hmmm and guess what? One of the two cd's that was thrown off of stage landed softly in my lap, just where it belonged, after bouncing off some guys chest and hitting my love's hand!;) Karma?

And me being bad? Well, being out in the middle of the week again (no need to say the next day were spent in front of the computer like a zombie, working home)... But with all of that coming, I'm sure I'm allready forgiven;) A little ash on my wings allways suited me anyway..

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