Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Plan B!

Three days till Halloween and my costume is still not here! Arrrrgh!! I thought that two weeks would be plenty of enough time to get it shipped over.. Guess not. Blah! Well, over to plan B! I've decided to go as a dead ballerina if my costume doesn't arrive till Saturday. I'll use my white petticoats and I'll get some ribbons to wrap around my legs.. White skin and hair, doll makeup and a gory slashed up neck wound, with drrrrrripping blood!! Killed by one of the other ballerinas at the opera, because I did the pirouette better;) ahha

Went on some more halloween shopping yesterday, got some red paint and have started the signs we're gonna put up:) In the meanwhile, I hope we don't scare the neighbores away.. HELLCOME to our neighborhood! giggle Little Sam is done and looks creepingly alive... Our own grusome, little Sam to greet the guests! With a big, bloody knife. Trick or treat! Toilet monster is all set and the our lovely, lil' mansion is coming nicely together. As if I ever had any doubts;)

Ps: Pictures will come!

Kisses from Devilla

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