Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Marie Antoinette's resurrection..

After hours on internet searching for a cool costume, I decided to go for a sassy Marie Antoinette costume this year with loats of petticoat sticking out underneath! I think it will look just GRRRRREAT with a slashed throat, white powdered skin and doll makeup, a big powdered wig with flowers and feathers. My horror now is that I bought all the bits and pieces at different sites, I'm crossing legs and fingers for them to arrive before the big day!! If not... Guess I'll have to go wild in the closet and see what I turn out as. As we're speaking, my dear man is laying his final touch on a small giljotin model, that I'm sure will be the party favourite this year! hahah

Costume from ebay Now Discount Shoes

White, teardrop petticoat from ebay Gotlingerie

White ruffle panty from ebay Laceville

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