Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ghouly, gory Halloween.. Finally here!!

As allways, we are doing some redecoration this time of the year... Our little appartment is slowly turning into a horrifying, haunted dungeon from hell! This year we have chosen the O so suiting name "Cabinet Of Death" Moooaaaahhahaha!! Enter if you dear...

I've been surfing the entire web for props we can use to make our cozy little place into a frightful cabinet. In my search for inspiration and gory home decor I have stumbled over some goodies that I like to share:)

The labels from Love Manor just blew me away, they are absolutely gorgeous! I printed them out in color and have used them on all our kitchen jars, bottles, jars and more bottles.. Our shelf looks like some wicked witch's shelf right now, or something taken out from some horrifying lab you don't want to be caught in by the mad scientist.. Hahah together with our "family portraits" it looks pretty spooky. I'm not sure how I'm gonna sleep here for the next two weeks as it's slowly developing into the Cabinet Of Death. I allready had spooky dreams last night, dreaming of all the crazy props and stuff I've been searching up. To good of an imagination is not allways good....

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