Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Childhood Memories...

As every Christmas, I was looking through the old family photos at my parents.. When it hit me; why not take some photos of my favourites, so I can look at them any time I like! I love flipping through the pages of the albums, it's like being transported back to my childhood.. So many memories with each and every caption. Except for the ones where I'm really young of course, like the kitchen weight..;) But I remember quite far back, for some reason. Down to a few itsy parts from my first year to more of my second, and so on.. I know some people don't remember anything from their first years...

A new born me, on the kitchen scale..

Stina and Tor-Finn, on the captions below, was my first best friends in life.. They lived in the appartment house next to ours, on the outskirts of Oslo, in my tiny little world at that time. We lost contact when we were still little kids, both their families moved away from the area where we grew up. My family stayed. Well, that's allmost true, we moved back after two years in Canada. When they decided to move. I had some contact with Stina during the first couple of years at school, but the distance made it hard to contain contact at that age.

Today I still have contact with a few of my childhood friends, but not Stina and Tor-Finn. Maybe we would have, if they didn't move away? People from the first years of your life tend to stick around. They become allmost like extra siblings later in life, at least that's my experience..

I sometimes wonder where they might be and what they are doing.. Even in our internet times, I haven't been able to seek them out. It could be fun to know, just to see that they're ok at least. Maye some day...

After fixing and adjusting some of the aged and yellowed colors a bit. I decided to make polaroids of a few of the photos.. Check out my Flickr album, if you want to see more of my digitalized, childhood memories:)

What is your favourite childhood memories? Do you still have contact with your first childhood buddies, or did you loose touch with them as time has passed by?


I was a real dad's girl and a tomboy. I climbed every tree and played with the boys..

My wonderful, crazy mom..

He is still hanging around..

Every now and then, me and Tor-Finn would take a break from our mischiefs, and have a tea party with juice and raisins...

Sandwiches & cocoa, listening with frantic joy to mom's stories, about the monster living in the kitchen kabinet..

Me and my sister ready for Gro's birthday party. I wouldn't go unless I got to wear a head band (all the big kids around had it), mom made me one out of some ribbon she had.. Early sence of fashion lol? But then again, I also thought fillings were the coolest thing..!

I allways had a passion for drawing and expressings myself through creating..

Ready for my first Halloween (Montreal, Qubec).. I won first price at school for my costume!

Mom carving the pumpkin.. Little did I know then it would become a life long obsession;)


  1. Ahh so you did do the same post!

    It's fun looking back at old photos, it is for me, my folks now gone, and my brother. Was just looking at old photos again a little while ago.

    As for friends, in my life, they always seemed to come and go. I tried to stay in touch, but it always seemed more important to me, they never seemed to care. I was left a bit bewildered as a kid because of it. Even through high school, college etc... Off they went, never looked back.

  2. Cutesty!
    I had given all my photos to my youngest who put them in the basement where she lived. The basement had a flooded area she was unaware of until it was too late to save them.

  3. It's a real gift to have all these photos from our childhood I think.. I'm really sad to hear that yours (Bluezy) got destroyed:/ I would have been devestated, since it's such a nice way to remember the past..

    ARH, it sounds like a sad situation to allways be left behind by friends that don't look back.. Like they don't care, would leave anyone bewildered:/ Friends can be a tricky thing I think, especially early in life.. We haven't settled yet and people move because of family, school, jobs and so on. My experience is that a lot of people pass through life, some stays, some leave. Some you see again later down the road.. But the best thing is that with my oldest friends, it seems that we can allways pick up where we left. No matter what happend since last time..

    Photos has allways been important for me, I enjoy looking through them and remembering back. I continued documenting small and big events on my own, as I got in my very early teens.. Today I have a big "collection" of memories:) The longer time that passes, the more fun it gets looking through them..

  4. Så mange nydelige bilder! :D

    SV: Ja, trappen er nydelig. Lurer på om de vurderer å male pianotangenter i trappetrinnene også, men er ikke helt sikker.. Hadde nok blitt veldig tøft.

  5. Tusen takk!!;) Jeg tror det hadde blitt ganske stilig med malte trappetrinn også!! Man bor jo ikke i trappen, så den kan jo godt se litt cartoonish ut!


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