Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend gone Wine

After an other busy weekend, it's Monday again.. It was one of these Monday mornings, were I wished that I had at least one more day off. It just feel like I haven't done much. Part from going out and being social that is. And due to Saturday, Sunday was a no-day.. I spent most of my day in the sofa, zombilised.. Frenzying on chips and other fatty substances that comes bottled and baged up. Unable to do much else than zapping around on the TV..

Weekend started nice and jolly on Friday, meeting my mom up after work. I took her home for some wine and pizza. Lucky me was given three wine bottles on Wednesday, after working a few hours extra as a bartender at work. The computers in the front desk were moved, to make room for a bar. For the house warming party that we had for the companies customers. Since we didn't get as many red wine drinkers as we thought we would, we were left with a few opened and full bottles. We split the bottles and a happy me could pull home three lovely bottles of red.. Johiiii!!

They were all consumed with the excellent company, of my mom and my love on Friday. My man had set the table, pizza in the oven. Red wine and cake waiting.. Quite the house husband:) Also dad came by and stayed for a while, before they headed home with a taxi! It was really nice to have them both over and spend some time together. Since we don't have the biggest place, we don't tend to have to many dinner guests.. Having said that, I'm not sure if frozen pizza count as a "real" dinner though..? But who cares, as long as it tastes good;) I love pizza!!

Story to be continued..
(Husbands pancakes is waiting)
*Slightly spoiled wife*


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  1. Hi gorgeous! Got you an blog award! ;)

  2. Weeeee!!!:D Thank you darlin' <3 :*


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