Saturday, January 22, 2011

Valentines Gift and Inspirational Source

While I was at it, I also got a few books on tattoing and tattoos on Sailor Jerry Collins - American Tattoo Master and Mitch O'connell: Tattoos. Mainly for my man which is all serious about picking up his tattoo machine again. To refine his techniques and hopefully get into a tattoo shop somewhere! I'm cheering on the line and hoping for the best. It's something he truly burns for and I know how much it means to him to do something he love doing.. Hopefully they'll arrive in time for Valentines, or our two years anniversary 28th of February, if they don't make it here before!

I also want them as a source of inspiration. To flip through the pages and look at all the different styles and beautiful artwork! I especially love the old school, Sailor Jerry style.. The simple, classic, nice look to it. But also the more colorful, cartoonish and fun style of Mitch O'connell!

Best of all, my love will be learning me how to tattoo and let me try it out on him to touch up his work! Johiiii, for that!! Very excited and a bit nervous.. We're waiting for the machine to arrive from the US, colors and other things he needs to get started. We've also ordered a load of tattoo practice skin, so I should be good enough to try on him by the time I've worked myself down the pile;)

Some sweet ol' Sailor Jerry work!!
(Hopefully) all these lovelies are to be found in this book!


  1. kult! gleder meg til å se! Er ikke sån kjempefan av Sailor Jerry, liker ikke fjesene på jenterne, men ellers har han en fantastisk design! Åååh vil tatovere meg meeeree! :D

  2. Jaaa skal vise:) Enig, veldig bra linjer og design.. Men det er det jeg digger med de, at de ikke er helt perfekte!! The beauty is in the imperfect;) That's why I like them!


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