Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Forbidden Images From the Past..

This is a short film I found on Youtube the other day. It's made of cuts from old movies, parts which were concidered tabu back in the days... All of the clips is found in the same movie theatre, somewhere in Pennsylvania. It's allmost like a peephole into the past.. Interesting to see how much of the woman body that were considered sexual and forbidden, compared to todays society were the celebreties are trying to overdo each other on each apparance, letting little to the imagination.. I'm not sure if it was better back then, but I do think it's more beautiful with subtle hints, than just laying it all on the plate... Anyhow, enjoy this beautiful, mind tumbler of a short film and transition into the past!


  1. Great find. Love it! My grandmother was born before the turn of the century and would have probably said in her thick accent,"What you say? What is camel toe"? Then if we explained she would say, "Oh, Soosan"! and say a bunch of shit I could not understand in Filipino!

  2. Hahhaha Wonderful!! I can just picture it in my head:D


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