Monday, January 17, 2011

Scary Flexible Sisters

A wonderful, sweet and crazy video clip from the 1944 movie "Broadway Rhythm". It starts out rather inocent and like any other 1940's movie tune, but hang in there, things will get veird.. And veirder. It's jaw dropping how the Ross Sisters Aggie, Maggie and Elmira can bend and twist their bodies. All in very mysterious ways, while they sing off course. If I only knew half of it, I would probably be world champion in yoga..

Part from how scary flexible this young girls are, the song has been stuck on my mind ever since I found it around Christmas.. Thought it was by time I pass it on;)


  1. Quite amazing, isn't it!! They must have been the coolest kids on the block back then;) Not sure if I would want that kind of flexibility though, must result in some loose joints and aching here and there as they age..


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