Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last Hours of The Year

We had a really good time with Lindy and her man, before we headed down town to Caven and the concert. Lindy's yummi, swedish food and her homemade tiramisu for dessert. That woman can cook, what a housewife! I'll sure be there next year, with bells on:) We stumbled out in the cold at midnight, shot our firework, drank our champagne and had an amazing view over the firework in town!!

Concert was great, lots of friends and people we know showed up. Cheap beer, sparkling wine and a flooded toilett all contributed to a wet evening! I tried to pull out some plumber skills from my sleeve, but had to back off as I was standing in a pool of water with my nice, satin shoes and my new, red dress.. Not exactly dressed to stand with my head down some toilett! Haha

As predicted we didn't stumble in the door before early morning;) I was still full of energy from the evening and wasn't ready for bed at all.. My man crawled up in one corner of the bed, while I ended up watching something I don't remember what was.. Probably some show on Travel Channel, since I tend to watch it when I've been drinking.. Soothing for the soul and just enough excitement before bedtime when the world is moving! The day after a night out, I like watching it for different reasons. It's just rolling on like tidewave, no rappid movements that causes dizziness.. Soooothing! Hmmm and also I get to see the world while I'm laying flat out in the sofa, feeling sorry for myself.. That way the day isn't a total waste, I've been somewhere;)


Music playing on the vintage LP player, with that cozy, old, crispy sound... Oh, I want one of those!

New Years


Lindy's delicious tiramisu..

Happy jolly with silly hat!

One piece of a wonder woman;)




More fancy hats..


Miss T and the guys:)


Those late hours..


  1. The dress looks amazing! YAY!

    And what retro goodness to be found. Between the record player and the tv, I had my nose pressed to the screen to get a better look.

  2. Wait..it's not a tv...is it a sidebar that lights up??? Is it a stereo stand? What is it?

  3. Thanks!!:D I'm really happy with it, made me feel like a real 50's-rock'n'roll-princess all eve!

    Hahaha I know, many goodies indeed! Drooling all over that LP player and the stereo myself, which is an old Tandberg.. Great quality, vintage stereo! What you see with the light in it, is a vintage cabinet with frosted glass doors:) An old liqoure cabinet I think! Mmmm drool, drool and droooool some more...

  4. Your dress is just stunning. Looking fab!

  5. Thanks Mrs Munster!!;) I really love my new dress <3


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