Friday, January 21, 2011

Marilyn Monroe Personal

The newest additon to my book collection

After reading the review on this book at The Marilyn Monroe Collection blog, I just had to get this gem of a book! Soon to be published, it's the newest book out about the wonderful glam kitten, legend, diva and girl next door, Marilyn Monroe. The title of the book is MM Personal, and not without reason.. It contains photos of her personal files and documents. Her correspondence with friends, telegrams, receipts, her personal items, and also art that she phurchased before her death... I can't wait for it to dump down my mailbox and maybe learn something new about the person behind the icon:) The book can be pre-ordered on


Marilyn Reading a book on acting, at the Ambassador Hotel 1955..




  1. Kommer til deg og leser den når du får den ;)

  2. Nydelige bilder! :) Den boken skal jeg også kjøpe.

  3. Takk, nydelige bilder av en nydelig dame!! Gleder meg til den dumper ned i postkassa;)


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