Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello Chaos..

If you're thinking about moving; look away. These photos might stop you half through that thought!! A few photos I've been taking from day one in our moving prosess. Sadly no painting-getting-dirty photos, but I was far too busy with that paint brush, to even think about, or wanting to pick up that camera!

Thank Godzilla it doesn't look this chaotic anymore. I'll be adding more lovely photos of the moving prosess over the next weeks, from chaos to control;)


  1. *groans* I hate moving. Last time I moved house, I had been in my previous place for ten years. I had so much junk, I didn't even know where half it had come from.

  2. Believe me, I know the feeling!! How did we even have space for all this *cough* crap? I've boxed quite a bit that'going to the local flea market. Still have stuff that I'm not sure about. Something about moving to a different place.. Some stuff that looked awsome in the old, just look veird here! Maybe we need to move more often?;)


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