Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Radio Cabinet LOVE

The new pride and joy of our livingroom, an old radio cabinet with a record player in it!! It's been my dream for so many years now. Due to our extremely small space in the old apartment, it was just impossible to have one.

But those who wait and so on, yup, finally my dream came true! Best of all, we found it to an affordable price out on the country side, outside Oslo. It's in good shape and working:) Yippiyay!! That's part from the speakers, that needs a bit of TLC. And we will also have to get a new needle for the good ol' record player.. But all in all, it's a beautiful pre-loved peice of furniture!! Me love love love loooove it <3

It's made by Radionette, a norwegian radio company from back in the days. I'm not sure exactly what year it's from, but asking mom, she thought it was from the 60's. I agree, it has some Mad Men over it. Maybe you know?

Ps: I got some new, lovely lamp shades, for my three armed lamp, at the same place as the radio! Kiss my lucky star, they are so hard to find!!



  1. It is just gorgeous!

    I have a tale for you. We have a lovely antique radiogram, similar to yours, but it has large fabric panels at the front (concealing speakers, I think). Anyway, we got the cutest kitty, who was so cute, he was allowed to do whatever he pleased... and he used to enjoy sharpening his claws on the radiogram, so now the front is in tatters. :(

  2. Hhaha Oh nooo!! That's horrible:/ Talk about makeover! It's not easy to tell them no though.. I used to have a cat. When I told him no, he usually wouldn't listen anyway. And if he did, he would just go back doing the same as soon as I looked away. It was mission impossible to teach him anything! But he was very cute:) At least we don't have to worry about that, the front panel on this one is in some sort of hard plastic. It's cat and scratch proof!!;) lol


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