Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rock On

A darker, more devious winter collection is on it's way from my brand, Devious Darlins'!! I've wanted to add some Scary Mary darkness to my items for a while now, without going totally queen of darkness. I love blending styles and making something that gives the little extra to an outfit.

The new collection has a dash of glam and roughness, blended in with nature and rock'n'roll. But still romantic and with a bit of Devious Darlin' cuteness to it! It shows my love for the darker influences and rock'n'roll style. It's for the rocker chic, either you're living the life or rockin' it at the office.

Scroll down for a sneak peak, maybe you'll find a favourite among these first goodies;) And don't be shy, I'd love to hear what you think!!


My tray of goodies

Wish you all a Rock'n'roll Christmas!! Beautiful pinecones, made of pure copper! Hanging from jet black swarovski crystals and small copper bow ties..

Arm yourself with these rather big copper guns, amazing details! Decorated with a cute copper bow ties and a lovely, real vintage jewelry stone!!

Bring out the animal;) Big, stunning, real coyote toothies!! Hanging from jet black swarovski crystals, tied together with a cute brass bow tie! (Notice: The animals has not been hunted for their teeth. They are collected from road kills and animals that died a natural death).

Skulls and roses! Big, gorgeous brass skulls.. With a brass bow ties, accompanied by jet black roses and swarovski crystals! Almost a bit Mexican day of the dead over them.

Rock'n'roll!! Ever wanted to wear the lovely little pepples you find on the beach? Perfected by the ocean and the sand for thousands and thousands of years.. All natural earwear! Small stones, collected from the cradle of sivilisation. From a beautiful warm beach on Crete, in Greece.. Made into lovely earrings for you and me;) Studs is made of pure brass!


  1. Hah det var skikkelig kult, oppfinsomt!

  2. Love the gun ear rings! You are one very talented lady.x

  3. Thanks for the wonderful feedback, lovelies!! *Moah* ;)))

  4. Så produktiv du har vært! Flink! :D

  5. Tusen takk, Miss Margarita:) Fant ut at det fikk være nok flytting! Klødde etter å begynne på noen høst/vinter smykker og hårdekorasjoner!! Det er mer på vei:D


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