Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Blues - Lavern Baker and Voodoo Voodoo

An other late shift at work, looking like the whole week will be the same.. Blah! Talk about Monday blues!! Brought my jewelry parts, the thought was that I could get artsy and crafty, while waiting to go home. But so far, I spent most of the evening surfing around on the big web.. Usually how it goes, I loose focus in this dry office air. Yes, blame it on the air.. And everything else in here.

It's so boring to sit here. Want to go home. Home to my sick husband. Make him tea and kiss him well! Make the cold go away.. Soon, be patient. I'll be home soon.

Gotta get those jewelry parts out and pass time, it will go quicker. Just a quick look on facebook first, and lets see what's going on on Etsy, for the #"¤% time today... Home, sweet home!!

Some good ol' roc'n'roll with LaVern Baker, to pep up this Monday blues!

-Hey, I think it helped;)

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