Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kitchen Gems

Look what arrived with snail mail yesterday!! I found this awsome wall clock late this summer, but had almost given up by now. Thought it was long lost, gone in the international mail system somewhere. Gone forever, never to be rediscovered. Sent to Himalaya, or some other deserted place on our planet.. But then, suddenly, there it was!

It is still intact and in one piece after it's long journey over the seas. Shining jade green and lovely in it's box. Almost smiling to me. Or maybe it was the reflection of my big happy grin, in the shiny surface that reflected back at me. My new jade green kitchen gem!! My beautiful vintage wall clock, from Ingraham Canadian Clock Company <3

And it looks really swell next to our vintage diner napkin dispenser:)
Both found on Etsy!!






  1. Thanks, sweetheart! Mine too!! I love all shades of turquise and jade/mint green:D

  2. OOoooooooooooooooo! LOVE love love love LOVE the clock! The style of the numbers alone make it a winner.

  3. Hhaha thanks GF;))) Me too LOVE!! I know, the numbers are really cool, mmmm and love the red clock arm counting the seconds! My new prrrrrescious.. *gollum gollum*


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