Saturday, November 7, 2009

Swine flu, here we come!

We've decided to just give a big shit about any lurking danger from the big, bad swine flu. The chances are really small that we'll get it at my cousin's anyway. They cleaned the whole place down, even the sofa didn't escape the clean freaks;) I think it's just as likely that we'll get it somewhere else. Soooo we went present shopping last evening, at the mall, in a toy store, full of kids with runny noses! Probably the worst place to be right now? Besides that, I'm amazed by all the stuff that they come up with for the kids.. We found this coolest little, classic, black piano in there! Hmmm wonder if there is any chance I can wish for a toy piano for Christmas?? If I been a good girl that is... Fat chance. After looking at all sorts of goodies, we came out on the other side with a globe with lights and animals on the map showing where they belong. If I were a kid I would love that!!:)

I allways had an attraction to globes.. It holds some sort of mystery in it, allmost magical. Like an entrance to different worlds, the thought of all the places that lies there undiscovered.. By me. Makes me wanna travel and experience these places. My grandparents used to have one that we would gather around to spin and see where to go. Where ever the finger landed we had to visit. I guess I allways been an adventurer, since i was 2 1/2 and bicycled away on my three weeler... Out to discover the world! haha I still remember the feeling that gave me, total freedom and excitement of the undiscovered! The world was no longer just the playground.. Till my mom managed to hunt me down and bring me in that is, but I got quite far. I can imagine the horror! My first adventure.. Been a few after that;)

My "childhood globe"
(In the front, a photo of me and my sister in our pyjamas when we were little)..

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