Friday, November 6, 2009

Finally Friday!!

Sooooo O happy it's Friday!!:D Finally weekend and time to exhale! Been a long week at work, reeeeeally looking forward to wind down a bit.. We're supposed to be tending a birthday together with the rest of the family this weekend, but we're having some second thoughts since they just had the swine flu in the house..:/ We're not sure if it's worth the risk.. My man went through surgery this spring and had to remove one of his kidneys, which puts him in the risk zone as I have understood it.. On the other side, how hysterical are we gonna allow ourself to get! Can't stop living either just cuz of this stupid swine flu and we're just as likely to get it while we're at the mall or at some bar I guess... Dilemma. Me want cake!!;) haha

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