Thursday, November 5, 2009

First snow..

It's something special about that first snow that falls.. Cold, white flakes dancing down from the sky.... Like a peaceful winter scene from a silent movie. Beautiful! Though I have to admit today was rather unpleasent, a harsh wind whipping these first white flakes around house corners and cross the city streets like wet cotton bombs, in under scarfs and jackets. No matter how tight I pulled my scarf, the wind still seemed to find some way to pierce through my defence. My umbrella served as a shield against the attacks.. Which worked quite fine, till I allmost hit a comercial sign. Art of the city. The reason for being out in this lovely weather you might ask your self.. The fun has just began, we still have 5 more months with snow and wind, and not to forget the darkness that embraces us from all around this time of the year. Welcome King Winter! Time to hibernate..  Where's that remote!?

One of the wonderful fairies by Anna Ignatieva, Winterlight..

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