Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Post Halloween Vacuum...

I'm in a bit of a vacuum right now, Halloween is over for this time and all our scary projects too.. Hmmmm or are they? We have decided to work a bit on props and stuff all year around. Hmmm and isn't it just an excellent hobby? Mooohahahha!! Making ghouls and scary props can be quite cozy, believe it or not and we have really fun doing it:) We've been talking some more about starting up a haunted house, like one of those that you find in the U.S... I think it's an awsome idea, but it's still just an idea. Clearly Halloween is about to hit off in Norway, if it hasn't allready.. I saw a huge difference from last year, people seemed to be much more into it this year. The stores were quite busy, full of people shopping Halloween stuff. Also we noticed a change when we went out, clearly more people had dressed up and seemed to be coming from a Halloween party this year. We stumbled down to Dr. Jeckyll's after midnight some time, a bar down town with that cozy Halloween theme all year around style to it;) We met everything from scary pirates, Draculas to full rabbit costumes in there, I'm very pleased to find that it finally seems to be picking up here! haha

Our Halloween party went great!!:) Everyone seemed very pleased with our grusome decoration in our Cabinet Of Death! haha My creepy, little spidercakes went rather well, they looked quite alive as my sister pointed out. Really easy to make and something I will have on the menu for next year too;) I've been taking a few photos of some of the props and decoration we had up in the hallway, unfortunately I didn't have time to take any of the the gory, headless guy outside, but I know someone did.. I'll add it together with photos from inside our Cabinet of Death later on, so please do check in again for more haunting photos;)

Also I have to add my Marie Antoinette costume won forst prize this year, very flattered but I WASN'T SUPPOSED TO WIN!! ahah We were supposed to hand it out to one of our guests, but wasn't happening...:/

Welcome to our motel;)

Our toilet demon..

Would you pee with this guy watching?;) Scary Halloween sounds playing in the background..

Some lovely toilet decor

Bats in the flicker of the grave light..

Of the toilet demon and other dangers lurking in the dark..

Meat eating spider?

Our welcome sign in the hallway..

Doorbells from hell..

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