Thursday, November 26, 2009


The pink plastic birds which stands as the very symbol of the front yard lawns of rich, retired oldies in Florida, the happy 50's and the pop culture has now risen from it's pink grave!! It has turned black and has gotten slightly bonified after having being burried in the lawns for decades. The Skel-a-flamingo is the perfect decoration for any lush suburb garden, tiny city balcony or the medievil castle park that you may own, if your lucky enough to have one of those!

Skel-a-flamingos from the ultimate flamingo shop The Pink Flamingo.

"R.I.P. We hardly knew thee".. "Feather-less friends, pink-less forever"..

Skele-Mingo kit from The Pink Flamingo for 26.95 a pair and a coffin to go in

photo tutorial which shows how to install red led lights into the flamingos chilling, black eyesockets.. Perfect for that haunted Halloween lawn! Thinking out next years little dark surpises;)

Not quite your cup of tea? Do not fall in dispare, we also have the O so ever charming Angel Mingo and Devil Mingo.. (The Pink Flamingo).

Or you can make your own little Zombie Flamingo to lurk in the dark of the back yard..


  1. Love those Flamingoes!
    I included them in my Haunted House Decor Blog Post, and linked right back to you :)

  2. Thanks Maureen!! Gotta love'em;)


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