Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday Night Fun

A few photos from last Fridays birthday costume party:) Been thinking about posting these photos for a week now, without finding the time.. Finally got around to it! The invitation said to go digging in your closet and come as an overdone version of yourself. I pulled out my old butler jacket, a black satin shirt with gold buttons, black sequined shorts and belt, fishnet stockings, golden stillettos, my feather hat from the 40's and topped it off with red doll lips and feather tipped lashes.. A tad bit overdone! The party was great, pople were awsome and we had such a good time:) Everyone looked really nice in their overdone outfits and the drinks were diabolically yummi!! What more to ask for? Think we stumbled into a taxi around 7 in the morning.. A real all nighter;)

Me with some late night sparked up coffee..

Me and lovely Miss Lindy Lee..

My loving man

Miss Lindy Lee, MiaRegine & Birthday doll..

Sleepy cowboy...

©Photos by Scary Mary

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