Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve & Day

After an extremely cold walk and bus trip through winter wonderland, we arrived at a cozy, candle lite, Christmassie house at my parents. All the Christmas smells hitting us like a warm, welcoming blanket as we walked through the door... Tears were popping, my eyeliner running and thighs were numb, after venturing out in the cold -15C/5F evening.. Layers of warm winter clothes wrapped off, as high heels and stockings went on. A glass of champagne later, we felt more human again;)

The evening were celebrated with laughter, wine and great food! Like every year, turkey was on the menu and some light, salomon dish for starters.. Mom and dad had done a great job in the kitchen, it was just left for us to dig in and enjoy! After a very satisfying dinner we rolled over to the sofa for more food.. Christmas cookies, chocolates, marsipan, fruit and coffee, while presents were exchanged:) Me being "Santa" again handing them over..

We stayed over to next day and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas day breakfast-brunch-lunch with all sorts of goodies and wasn't home before late that evening, after my parents driving us home.. My sweet, wonderful parents!

I'm not sure how many more years there will be with Christmas dinner at my parents, something tells me that it's soon our turn to carry on the tradition.. Just in need of a bigger place! Something I'm looking forward to with a mixed feeling of joy and fright!! haha lol

A decorated Christmas trea

Family photos and Christmas flowers..

Some of mom's christmas decoration around the house

Christmas cards and display

Me & my love

Salomon marinated in lime juice.. The fruit acid actually cooks the fish, really nice;)

The yummi turkey, sliced and diced;)

Kransekake with ice cream, poached pears and chocolate..

A beautiful, tiny Christmas tulip!

An old baby photo of me from my parents house...


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