Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Chrismas

Last Saturday it was once more time for gramps annual Christmas party with the family:) Lot's of great food, some traditional, some not. Made by grandpa, my mom and my aunt. As allways the wine is flowing, food is sent around the big table, eager conversations, laughs, grandpa's speach and cheering.. Like every year, my mom had made kransekake for dessert. A yummi, traditional norwegian cake with a taste of almonds/marzipan. Decorated with  firecrackers, hiding funny little hats and the worse jokes around. They're so bad, they're getting funny.. Pretty bad in other words!

Nothings better than to see the family and spend some time together! For me it's what Christmas is all about, being together, eating the same foods, doing the same things and maybe making some new traditions, but allways holding on to what counts.. Family and friends. It brings me serenity and peace in mind, and makes me feel in one with myself. I can charge my batteries, be who I am, what I am and knowing that is enough. In any state of mood, by the end of the night I allways feel uplifted..

Wishing you all a great time with family and friends these days around Christmas! Or where ever feel like home to you. I hope you all have a place which gives you the same feeling of peace in mind, where ever you might be..

Cheers and skål! Wishing ya'll a great pre Christmas time;)

A glimpse of the lovely food that was served...



Very bad jokes

     And funny hats...

*Chuckles* Tricky little self portraits!

I spy with my little eye..


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