Friday, December 10, 2010

Cold & Cozy Saturday

Last Saturday eve was spent all cuddled and cozed up at home, sipping red wine.. Me puffing on a cigar, my husband his pipe, while listening to old country music, rock and blues. Outside the temperature had dropped to a freezing -12c/10F, the kind of weather you don't want to venture out in unless it's absolutely necessary.. Half way down bottle no. two how ever, the idea of going somewhere seemed some what much more tempting;) Haha We pulled on our warm jackets, me on my  new, astonishing 13cm/5inch heels on the ice!With the red wine under the arm, we jumped in a taxi and went to join Miss T and her guy for a cozy evening at her place. More cigars, wine and beer later, some late night pizza after a beer out, we rolled sleepy and satisfied back to the nest...

Evening moods


A bottle of lovely red wine

The more candles, the better.. Fire hazard? Tsk!

Red wine & cigar

Cozed up in the "queens chair" at Miss T's

Miss T & Andy

Mr Andy in his basket.. The cutest dog in town!

L <3 vebirds


  1. Sounds like a lovely evening.

    And yes, Mr. Andy is the cutest dog around ;)

  2. It was, we had a really good time:) Andy is just adorable, we're hoping for puppies some day... Hehhe Just have to find him a girlfriend;)


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