Friday, December 10, 2010

The Kingdom Of Witches

Not exactly Christmas, but what the heck! A lovely video I stumbled over right before Halloween, that I never came around to share with you guys before now.. I really love the simple silouette effects, the innocent musicbox music and the fairytale like story line!


  1. SV: Takk og ja! Helt enig. Ikke noe morsomt med juleshopping nå i Oslo sentrum. Begynner å bli knapt med tid på julegaver som skal sendes hit og dit også :-S

  2. Wonderful! I am pretty sure I have seen this here and don't know why I did not comment...Maybe I did and did not put the captcha in and just left thinking so?

  3. Hhaha sounds like something I could have done;) I think she did a really good job with this one, love the shaddow effects.. Great to know who made the music though, I was actually wondering about that:)


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