Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Pressies from Me to Me

Went a "bit" bananas with the sale on Pinup Girl Clothing last week. With 20% off on their holiday sale, my inner shopping demon took over and my visa went scolding red hot. I pulled home no less than two dresses, one skirt, three pairs of shoes and a few nice stockings to go with it. I also got myself two new tutu skirt, for the knee long dresses at Soho's. Well, waiting for them to arrive in the mail.. *tumbling thumbs* Hopefully it all fits well and look good.. And maybe, maybe if I'm lucky, the package will be here before New Years so I can wiggle out in the final night of the year, wearing one of my devilishly pretty, new dresses;)

A few of the goodies that I haunted down:

Haunted Housewife dress, with scull cuffs, from Deadly Dames..

Love wearing dresses with a full skirt and a tutu underneath..

Some new tall heels, so I can take a walk in the clouds...

Couldn't resist and ended up buying the Haunted Housewife Dress in both colors..

Some red heels to go with the dress;)


  1. oooh, niice! håper noe av det ikke passer og er alt for stort så du kan hive dem over til meg! :)

  2. Takketakk!! Hahhaha skal huske på det;D Fikk den første pakken i dag, som sagt! Må sy inn kjolen en smule, var litt redd for at det skulle bli for lite, så bestilte heller litt stort.. Hadde ikke nok fyll i øvre seksjonen, men du hadde sikkert sklidd rett inn i den:) Ble en tur til skredderen for å få sydd den inn!

  3. I'm jealous of your ability to order dresses online ;) I have to try things on before I buy them.

    Those are some smokin' outfits.

  4. I linked here from Ghoul Friday/ Yu are a classic beauty! Happy Holidays!

  5. Thanks GF:) Know what you mean though! But there's so many nice things online that I can't find here, or the prize is so much more expensive.. It gets too tempting;) I allways buy them a size up, in case the size is off. Normally ending up with having to get it fitted lol.. But rather that than too small!

    Thanks Bluezy;) Happy holidays to you too!!


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