Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Last & Latest Vintage Finds of The Year

Sharing some of my latest finds from Etsy. As the self declared Etsy junky I am, I can't keep my fingers away;) All the goodies below were haunted down in December, while looking for a christmas present for me love... I did find him some very nice manly items, which were wrapped in with much love and handed over on Christmas eve, which is when we celebrate Christmas in Norway... The rest of the lot has landed on various shelfs for display around the appartment:)

The wildest salt'n'pepper shakers I've seen around, love the earrings on'em;)

A cute, little toy monkey with rubber face, for our book shelf...

Oil'n'vinegar fawns from the 50's

A beautiful, vintage, velvet hand bag, opens with zipper in the front...

A chic and ladylike cigarette holder, together with a corn pipe I got for my husband.. Thought was to make my party smoking look a tad more elegant;)


  1. What a cute, scary ass little monkey!

  2. I know, really cute, but it has something scary about it.. At first I was a little worried it would freak me out, as it's head is turned towards the bed..;) So far, so good though!! Hhaha lol

  3. Great choices. Corn cob pipes are special. You smell it to see if it was a tobacco pipe? Your man might get high off of some good
    Happy Holidays!

  4. SV: Ja, det er deilig å være hjemme :) Masse god jul til dere også!
    Så mange fine ting du har funnet! :)

  5. Thanks guys, happy holidays to you too!! I'm quite excited about the finds after days of digging myself:) Haha no, I didn't really think about checking the pipe! Anyhow a bit too late now.. If it was, he allready had the buzz.. Hmmm maybe that's why he loves the corn pipes I got for him so much;)


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