Friday, December 10, 2010

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Finally raised from cardboard box hell! To my relief everything is getting more in place at work, not as much chaos as it has been here lately with the moving.. But have to say I'm so looking forward to weekend, feeling pretty tiered after a long week in cardboard box hell! Since it's been so busy lately I haven't really had time to think about Christmas gifts yet either, which has been kinda bugging me. I don't want to be running around the last day, in desperation and all stressed out, looking for something nice to put under the tree. Me and my love went for a little walk around town yesterday after work, to get some pressie inspiration. Think we got some of the gifts in place, just have to go get'em now! Even bought some decoration for our non excisting Christmas tree lol. Drooling over the nice, big, fluffy, pine trees and wishing we could have one.. Since we don't have the bestest space in town, it's more realistic with a smaller one that fits on the table. Tree or no tree, there sure will be Christmas;)

A sad, but funny, a little cute, kinda pathetic, little replica of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, from the Peanuts!

Maybe that's what we should go for this year;)

You want one? You can find it at

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