Monday, December 6, 2010

Moving Office

I feel I have been a little silent on my blogg over the last days, but work has been a little stressful here lately. We've been moving office to a new place. Not to far away, but it's still a moving process that you gotta get through. Like my work mates, I've been rather busy packing and getting ready for the move. Finally today we moved in! Quite exciting, but at the same time I haven't exactly been looking forward to todays mess.. But got through it allright. Our work space were filled with moving boxes, full of stuff, stuff, stuff and more stuff. Spent more or less all day with my head down some box, or trying to get some sort of order around me. Didn't even know where to start... lol I'll be so happy when we have everything in place! *siiiigh*

Wrong, wrong, wrong!! Next time I decide where the picture hangs.

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  1. SV: hehe.. Det virket som en god idé på det tidspunktet :)


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