Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hair & Tears

Last Friday I ventured out in the cold winter evening with my man. After being cooped up at home, with a bad cold for a couple of days I was pretty damn bored.. A couple of friends is students at maybe the hippest hair dresser school in Norway, Adam & Eva. They had one week to throw together a hair show with models, clothes, music yo name it and no budget! Our good friend Miss Lindy Lee was rocking the catwalk as one of the hair models, we couldn't miss out..

One part of the show was 50's style, the other was futuristic. With the very suiting name "Back To The Future". And O, I don't regret I pulled my butt out in the cold. It was awsome and a real eye candy! They did a tremendous job pulling it off, I'm impressed!! Lindy Lee was lovely in her amazing hairdo and leopard dress. I shot photos till my arm got numb and legs were aking from standing on my toes with my arm in the air.. It all ended in tears and snot, when the CEO of the company in Norway, stood there all teary declaring it to be the best show ever! After we celebrated with a beer at Fiasco:)

The opening of the 50's part

Miss Lindy Lee rockin' the catwalk;)

Eerie, futuristic creature..

Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

Monsterlike future girls;)

Art from the bar.. Realistic view on bar life after 5-10 beer? lol

©Photos by Scary Mary


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