Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Gift Haunting

The last few days has been spent, searching for the perfect Christmas gift for my husband. A tell tell that we've only been married for two years? lol Can imagine it's a bit different 15 years down the road.. The huge Etsy junky I am, many of my searches starts there. These awsome ties caught my attention, with their dark steam punk, rock, vintage inspired prints. A bit different than the ties you normally find  in the high street shops. Made of silk or microfiber, you can get them in a variaton of colors and three different sizes at Cyberoptix Tie Lab! With the slogan "Ties that don't suck", I think they would work well both for gays and ghouls.

At first I thought of finding some nice, vintage bow tie for my man. Not the normal bow tie, but the kind that has two ribbons hanging down from it. So far, it's nowhere to be found at the big interweb. If anyone has any idea, don't hesitate to shout out! I'm considering a tie instead, as he declared the other day that he's actually starting to like this thing, that he's been hating all his life. Nice, I say! Nothing hotter than a man dressed up in a nice suit and a tie, or bow tie for that matter;) We'll see if any of these will end under the tree... Hoho

Here's some of the great designs that you can find on ties, bow ties and scarfs at the Cyberoptic Tie Lab.

Black Widow Spider Necktie


Aw Shoot

Scull & Bones

Heart Attack

Bombs Away


Narrow Red Robot Inferno


  1. Those ties are fuckin' sweet. Black Widow, Raven and Gun are my favorites. Thanks.

  2. the one with the gun! awesome! men du, little seamstress, sy en sån bowtie?

  3. Happy you like'em!! Think they're awsome myself, had to be shared;) Good idea Lindy, maybe I could make one myself! I could probably find a speciment online to copy..:D

  4. SV: Tusen takk for det! :) Det kommer nok til å ordne seg, bare kjipt for det.

    Her var det mange deilige slips! Ryggrad = Ja takk!


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