Monday, October 27, 2014

Lights Out

It's been a very busy weekend, preparing for our monster ball. We made a couple more monsters, got the last props in and a few little details in place.. Also purchased a couple of horrifickly fun Halloween props. Couldn't help ourselves when we found a banjo playing Skeleton and a sweet creepy talking doll, with no eyes and cracked skull. As the man in the shop said "isn't it adorable?"

Only a few more red led lights and batteries on the shopping list.. We use red bicicle led lights, to light up and add a touch of spookiness to our installations. They are inexpensive and it gives it that extra, little eerie feel. Can't have enough of those. Also we might have to get a few more grave lanterns, for our graveyard.

We had some fun testing out the creepiness, in the Dead Sailors Inn on Saturday. Besides, we had to try the music list. Had the whole circus going, with all the trillion candles, oil lamps, jack'o lanterns, Halloween lights and light chains blinking. Only four small days left till Halloween!! I'm so ready. Like my love put it, as we were sitting there with our beer; Wish it was tomorrow!

Apparantly he spoke too soon, or maybe the barn ghost heard us. As we were sitting there, all happy and oh so ready for Halloween. A buzzing sound from the heaters and the music blured out with a muffed sound. The power was gone. Possibly the worst thing that could happend, one week away from Halloween! Needing power for our heaters, stereo and the mini concert we'll be having. A buddy will be playing for us. Really not a good timing, if things like that ever has a good timing. On top of that, we found out that our stereo had burned out. No more stereo. Dead. No hope of any resurrection there. Have to look for a new one.. A bit of bad luck there. Crossing fingers that bestest Miss Lindy Lee and hubby, has a stereo we can borrow for the night.

An electrician will be coming today. Hopefully he'll be able to find out what's wrong, with the electricity in our barn. On the positive side, it was REALLY spooky in there, with only candles and oil lamps lighting the bar.. O and I swear I could hear footsteps from the top floor, when I was out there alone the other day. Talking about creepy.

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