Friday, October 3, 2014

My First Halloween

I might have said this before, but Halloween has always been my favourite holiday of the year.. I love the whole dressing up and eerie, mystical, spookiness of it all. It's so fun! Back when Halloween was a non existing thing in Norway, we threw our own small Halloween parties at home with our friends. Though they didn't quite get it, or understand much. It was an american/english tradition, that very few had heard of, if any. Everything is different now, as most kids nowadays is growing up with it. Celebrating Halloween is finally, just as natural as celebrating Christmas! Times has definitely changed..

It all started many moons ago.. When I was a little girl, my dad got a job offer in Montreal, Canada. We ended up living there for a couple of years. I did my first two years at school, learned english, made new friends, and I also learned new customs and traditions. One of them was, good ol' spooky Halloween.. And a passion was born!

I went as Litttle Red Ridinghood, on my first Halloween ever. My mom dressed my sister up as a witch, in homemade costume and scary makeup. With a big, black, pointy witch hat, that she had worked on for days. I remember it having cob webs and a spider dangeling down from it. I thought my sister looked super awsome.. My mother has always been of the crafty type and very good at it too. But she might have done, a bit of a too good job this time. It ended in tears, when my sister saw her own reflection in the mirror. She got so scared, that mom had to scramble together a cute pussycat costume, in the very last minute. I will never forget that witch costume.. Such a cool costume, that was never used.

What happend to homemade costumes, anyway? I always liked to shop around for my costumes. Put them carfeully together. Something old and something new.. I think that makes the best costumes.

What do you prefer? Ready-to-wear costumes,
or homemade? Scary or cute?

Me (on the left, as Little Red Ridinghood) and my sister, on our very first Halloween! Think we look pretty excited..

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