Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dead Sailors Inn

This year we're doing a ghastly Dead Sailors Inn, for our Halloween theme. The last resting place for all rugged sea folks and dark water creatures. Where dead sailors swing their beer mugs, sing their songs and dance on the tables to wicked tunes. A favoured place for all shaddow beings. Also last stop for the old, tiered, soiled doves of the town.

You find it down in the oldest parts of the harbour, with cobblestoned streets and poor street lighting. Among the aboundend, crooked buildings, that has been standing there for what seems for ever. Even since before the docks was built. Some say it's the oldest buildings in the whole town.. Here the walls are so thick, you could easily fit in three coffins on the short side. Who knows, there might be some skeletons in those walls. Or at least, that's what I've been told..

With this kind of walls, even the noise from 100 sailors swinging their mugs, armwrestling and bustling about, would be hard to hear. Less some poor, lost souls terrified screams.. But sometimes the noise, somehow finds it's way out to the narrow, dark, back alleys. As a far away mumble, with fading music and an occasional glass crashing in the floor. If you ever happend hear these noises, beware. I must warn you. No matter how curious and courageous you are, I would not attempt to find the inn. Should you suddenly find yourself standing on the thresh hold, looking over this horrific assemblage of beings. I can not guaranty for your safety, or that you will ever find your way out of there again. Not alive anyway...

Dead Sailors Inn, Ets. 1706

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