Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Macabre Carpenter

We haven't been too busy making new props this year, as we decided to reuse most of what we already have.. But some new things is slowly being added, to our collection of horror. I really wanted a coffin for a graveyard this year and eagerly babbled, waved my arms and sent links of what I thought would look cool, in our little graveyard.. Sometimes this eager babbeling of mine, seems to find it's way into his brain. I'm now the happy owner of a huge standing coffin, thanks to my macabre carpenter! It will be standing by the doorway, outside the saloon. Not sure yet, if it will house a scary monster, or if we should make it as a "photo booth". Where our guests can take their photo in the coffin..

"I want a coffin" I said.. And baby made a coffin.

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