Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days to Halloween

Countdown to Halloween, the most terrifying and horrific day of the year starts today my dearest! After a couple of years of being absent, I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am.. The last couple of days I've been busy in the laboratory, testing some new potions for this jolly season. My rotten heart is filled with joy and my inner ghoul is curling it's claws with excitement.

Like previous years I'm a Cryptkeeper and will be joining the yearly countdown, over at What is the meaning with all this, you say? One month long of Halloween treaties, for all you good folks of course! And let me tell you, I can not wait. I'm definitely ready for some good, old creepy fun! The question is; are YOU ready? Lets just say.. I do have a couple of ideas, on how to scare your heartbeat up a couple of nothces.

Take my hand, child.. Follow me. You do not want to be left behind, trust me..

Ps: Head over to, to visit other dark corners of the world wide web. You find a complete list over all the Cryptkeepers of 2014, all participating in the count down to Halloween. With daily posts, for joy and scare.

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