Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Barn

Things has definitely changed, since we moved out of our tiny, little, one room, studio appartment down town, around 3 years ago. Or is it 4? Time flies, that's for sure. And things change.

We were looking for something bigger, more space, something of our own, freedom and a place to call home. One of the conditions my love had, was that it had to have a barn. "A barn" I said, "what do we need a BARN for?" The city girl I am (was?) thought he had lost his mind and that it would be difficult to find something within our pricerange, that had all that. Little did I know.. I remember there was a time, when all we wanted was an extra room, a fireplace and a balcony lol. That was back when we still lived in the asphalt jungle. Before we started looking for a house on the countryside. When we did find our house, it felt like winning the lottery. It had everything and more. Even the barn! Lets just say, I was totally wrong about that barn. Getting a barn, was the BEST idea ever!

The first few months living in the new house, I didn't see much to my love at all. Every evening when we got home from work, he would grab a thermos with coffee, a bag of pastry and disappear into the barn. Also every weekend. For a couple of months, all I heard was hammer noise and the pitch sound of an electric saw, piercing the cold, crisp winter air.. I remember we had temperatures down to -22 C/-7,6 F that winter and in a barn without heating.. I found myself staring out of the window, towards the barn. Glad I heard some noises. At least it meant he was alive, not frozen to death out there.

When we bought the house, the first floor of the barn was very basic, dark and really eerie looking. With dirt floor and beams a bit above the ground, probably from an old floor that once had been there. Also the barn walls was of the plain panel, that lets through both sun and weather. Not very good for the norwegian weather, at least not for the plans my love had for the place. In the back of the barn there was and still is, the old barn. A really old building, used for animals at some point, with thick timber walls and old crooked doors. Not a place you wanted stay long in, or even could use for much. That was before my man turned the place upside down, with his head full of creative ideas and passion.

Every now and then I would peek in, curious to see what was going on and the progression.. First he made a floor, which made a huge difference. Then the walls and a bar. Even a small fireplace was put in. All made with used wood and materials, found in and under the barn, and from an old house, they were remodelling up in the village. When he finally was done, I was stunned, the change was amazing! It was a whole new place. Such a cozy little bar. I was litterarly clapping my hands, at this point.

And our barn bar, Dusty Saddle Saloon was born! A place that already holds many happy memories of fun times, with good friends and family. It's also the PERFECT location for our Halloween parties. Let's just say, it's not very dificult to get that old, creepy feel to the place, when we want to.. Also the bar never really gets done, there's always something going on there. Some small, new quirky little details popping up. Or like this summer, when my love decided to expand the bar, to the double size.

Everyone should have their own barn bar! At least if you live on the countryside..

First photo after project barn started..
Got some more old materials, to use on the bar..
A small rest and thinking about what to do next..

Getting the bar roof on.. I love that detail.

Details from the bar.. Fish heads from the lake, near by.

And the finished result, before he added on more space..
A Place to rest

Bessy and hubby

And just because it's pretty. The gorgeous sunset view, from Dusty Saddle!

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