Monday, October 6, 2014

Out of the Dark

Bob, George, little Halloween Ghoul and all the other monsters, were pulled out from their hiding place, in our dirt basement this weekend.. We got a good head start on the decoration and are already finished with one installation and part of the bar. *Yay* So exited to have started! The creative prosess is simple. Everything is made, as we go along. I like making small stories around the installation, that explains what's going on. I think it's easier, more realistic and much more fun that way!

Of props and decoration, we thought it would be a good idea to use what we already have. Then see what we need to find or build. Since we're doing a Sailors Inn theme and our pub is a saloon, there's a few small touches that needs to be made. I packed away a box with western artifacts and took down some paintings, that just did not fit in. We will be needing some more nautical items, to complete the look and feel to the place..

How about you, have you started decorating for Halloween yet? Do you do themes? Do you have a favourite prop, or Halloween item
that you can't wait to get out?

Rattlin' Joe, just wouldn't behave..

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