Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Perfect Vintage Dress

I've been trying to find THE vintage dress for some time now, but allways find that they are way to tiny for me. Seems like the girls were just so much smaller back then.. It's the same with a lot of the vintage clothes out there. Everything cute, with a waist and arms.. Leaving me to feel like Big Foot or a tall warrior amazone, desperately wanting to fit into a childs dress at the best:/

I don't have a 25" waist and will never get it, also there's no choice starving myself for it. I don't want to look like a walking skeleton, even if it means that I can wear pretty dresses. Not a bad word about skeltons though, I love skeltons! Where's is a good, old, deasant, Alice shrink tonic when a gal needs it?

But there is hope, even for tall girls like me.. Some time ago I came across a shop on Ebay, Dressit which can tailor any dress for you. All you need is a photo of it. The best part is that it doesn't cost more than what a nice dress would cost if you buy it in a regular store!

The seller is top rated on Ebay. After reading the customer reviews, I also feel confident that they know what they are doing and that they deliver quality dresses. They have plenty of satisfied customers to show to, which should make it pretty safe to order from them in my oppinion. There's allways a risk by ordering online, but I think it's well worth it as I can get something I wouldn't be able to get otherwise!

What is you experience with vintage clothes? Have you found that perfect vintage dress yet??

Here's some gorgeous vintage dresses from my wish list, that I'll sadly never fit into, but to drool over! Most of them from the fabelous Etsy store, Timeless Vixen. A store packed with beautiful vintage dresses. And also from Thirteen Bees Vintage:






  1. Ja, jeg har funnet flere vintagekjoler, tre av mine yndlinger hvorav en er i gul, en i sort og en i grønt. Kommer til å poste flere av de på bloggen etterhvert. Men jeg slutter aldri å lete etter flere yndlinger..... ;)

  2. You have certainly picked out some beauties here. I would argue the lemon one is worth starving yourself for...but I know that's easier said than done. I do try and offer a selection of dresses in all sizes at our shop and website If you join our free meeeembers club you get to see all our new ones first before they go live on our website because although the ebay shop you mention sounds a great idea and very reasonably priced I still don't think you can beat an original. There's something about the beautiful crisp fabrics, the comforting deep hems and cute original labels that just add to the whole experience of choosing and wearing vintage pieces.
    Keep searching and I bet you will find that perfect dress that fits like a glove. At least you'll have fun searching. Love Helene

  3. Rakel: You're really lucky, wish that was me!!:)

    Revival: I do agree with you, nothing beats the old feel to a dress, it's something very special about it..

    I think I'll never stop searching for the perfect vintage dress, but in the meanwhile I'll comfort myself with the next best thing, never versions of the old;)I have found a few nice day dresses, but I think my biggest problem in my search, is that I like the typical 50's prom dresses with a full skirt! Which makes the waiste pretty tiny as it was made for a teenager..


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