Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Weekend...

Down the drain it went; the promise to myself about having a weekend devoted to my crafts.. Just an other of these crazy busy weekends, where in retroperspektive it seems like it passed by in a social haze. You might wonder what's wrong with that, or maybe I don't like being social.. Nah, fact is I love hanging out with my friends. And I love parties! And good luck to you, if you ever try pulling me home from one.. I'm one of those persons who will cling to the staircase to avoid going home.

It started out with a Friday beer with a friend, at Devilles after a busy week. Like I thought it would work, I told my man to be strict with me no fuzz and get me home after three beers, no more than three guess I should have said one. If I refused, I told him to ignore me and pull me home anyway.. That was before I dramatically announced that "WE ONLY LIVE ONES" "LET'S GO"!! I can be quite dramatic when I choose to be, it must have worked. Off we went in a taxi..

To Miss I's housewarming party! Which the little angel or maybe it was the party demon on my shoulder told me I couldn't miss out on, tried to ignore.. Miss I is the sweetest person and good friend. That's what friends do. Right? Even if they have an other party to attend to the next day.. And even if they dread double nights.

Turned out my little party demon was right though! We had a lovely time at Miss I and I don't regret a second;) After many beers and drinks and interesting chats, I was the one that had to pull my man home to get a descent sleep before my sister's toilet soiré the next day... He even called me an old lady. Tsk.. Imagine? What a nerve.. *MutterMutter*

Mmm on second thoughts, maybe it was paybacktime for all the times I called him gramps..

I totally fell in love with these lovely traditional russian dolls, seen anything prettier?

 Look at that itsy, bitsy, tiny, little one.. Most mind tumbling was, that it was just as neatly painted as the bigger ones..!

040220111018.jpg1 Kitchen peep...

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