Monday, February 7, 2011

My Town

Please check out my new blog page; My Town.. You find it at the top bar, just below the header. It's a  page about Oslo, the town where I grew up and still live. It was my husbands brilliant idea, I must admit I haven't really thought about it. But how many out there know where Oslo is? Well, a few maybe.. But what about the rest?? And I think it's a little different to get the insider view on Oslo, than the information you can find on Wikipedia and pages like it.

The page is still under construction and I'm currently working through a bucket load of photos from Oslo, all taken by myself over the last years. I'll be adding a few more photos and links  to places over the few next weeks, so be sure to check back and get to know my town;)

A few summer memories, while were waiting for warmer days to arrive..


The statues on the fairy tale bridge, on lower Grünerløkka..

The fairy tale bridge..

Takeaway pizza on the grass, by the river. Lower Grünerløkka..


From Markveien on Grünerløkka

View from the old fortress

The port and the city in the background

Our bikes..

Relaxing in the grass by the old fortress..

A quiet part of the royal park, the Queens Park..


Evening sky


Ibsen quotes in evening sun, on the pavements down town..

Spooky looking clock, behind a window on the university down town..


  1. I would love to travel to Oslo someday! I have never been to Norway, it looks like a very beautiful and nice city! :)

  2. Thank you!! I especially love the summers here.. With the long, light days that seem to last forever and the buzzing life on a hot summers day... If you ever decide to come her, I hope you get good weather, those days are just the best;)

  3. Oslo is beautiful.
    When I was 12 we lived in Brazil and a Norwegian family joined our tennis club. The eldest daughter had jet black hair and was sort of a friend with my sister. She was really beautiful and even though she was only 18 she was dating a friend of mine's (Queenie's 9 yrs old) dad (all of us young girls used to follow Queenies dad and giggle he was so fine. It was long time ago, but she was watching us all at the pool at night and told us a story in Norwegian. We listened and she would cluck cluck every now and then. Her father was a tall (very tall) Thor like with out the hair and Hammer. At least in my kids mind.

  4. Nice memorie.. Sounds like you did some traveling with your family when you were younger? She sounds like a very beautiful girl and being with someones handsome dad.. Hahha can imagine that got you girls giggeling;) I guess the average norwegian is a little taller than most other countries, but not everyone though.. We lived in Canada for a couple of years, my dad being very tall as well, was often told that he was tall as a tree;) lol


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