Saturday, February 5, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

O happy lucky!! I recently received the Liebster Blog award from lovely Miss Lindy Lee! It's wonderful to get a sign of appreciation for my blog, thank you so much sweetheart:)

The rules are simple and as following: 
  • It's a blog award handed over to your favourite 5 blogs, that has less than 100 followers.
  • The award is passed on to the five, by commenting on their blog. Telling them that their blog is one of your favorites and that it has been chosen for the Liebster Blog award.
  • The one who receives the award posts the link to the person who gave it to them, and five of his/hers favorite blogs with less than 100 readers.
I have to give it to you guys, this was NOT easy.. First of all because most of the blogs that I follow has more than 100 readers.. I like the whole idea of choosing someone that hasn't received it yet, so I decided not to pass it back to where it came from;) After careful concideration, making sure they have less than 100 readers and blogs I actually like reading... *Drum rolls*

My 5 favourites within this catagory and chosen for the Liebster Blog award are:
  • Mia Regine - Lovely photos & a lovely dark mind!
  • Rosie Poe - New blog from one of my favourite digital artists, featuring her dark new comic strip.
  • The Embalmer's Nightmare - Gotta love the props, pics and imagination of this guy!
  • Verandasol - Lovely old vintage style, photos, tips & ideas..
  • Helene Drage! - Strong gal, with strong oppinions!
All wonderful blogs in each their different ways, that you should check out when you get the chance;)




  1. Thank You Scary Mary!! You have made my day! Inspiration like this fuels the fires in the dark furnaces of my creativity! Thanks again!

    So can I pass this award along to 5 others that meet the requirements???

  2. I'm so happy to hear that:) Yes, just pass it on to 5 others who meets the requirements, that you think should have it!! lookign forward to more awsomeness from the dark pits of your basement;)

  3. Thank you! WOW, this made my day a lot better! This inspires me to continue on with my blog and make it even better!

  4. Your welcome Helene Drage;) So happy to hear that I made your day, no better feeling!!


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