Monday, February 21, 2011

Bonanza Friday

Weekend passed by quietly without any big things going on.. We were supposed to go to a house warming party on Saturday, but was absolutely too lazy to go anywhere! Since we were reduced to a couple of drooling sofa zombies, it felt like an easy choice to pull the blanket tight, put on some movies and stay home..

With that said, it might have been the amounts of beer on Friday that set the mood.. After some thrift shopping, we ended up on Bonanza with Miss S after work. A small, cozy, western bar in the old bazaar area down town. Full of big and small cowboy and western details, even in the toilet! I love the western style, and what a treat it was to sink down amoung western heroes, country artists on the walls and cowboy decor with a beer..

It was our first time there, can't believe we've missed out on this place! But I'm happy to say and even a bit surprised when it happends. Even if Oslo is a fairly small capitol, compared to the big capitols in the world and it's "my" town. There is still new places, small undiscovered gems among the familiar ones, that's just waiting to be discovered...

For those who might not know and is querios; Bonanza is a NBC produced TV-serie, that was aired for the first time in 1959. The serie is about the Cartwright family and their life on the ranch Panderosa, in the Lake Taho area:)


  1. SV: hehe.. Ja, men jeg har ikke symaskin. Kanskje jeg sparer det til Halloween eller noe sånt gøy :)
    Følte meg veldig heldig da jeg fikk flagget ja :-p Hehe.. Og nå greier jeg selvfølgelig ikke kaste det :-p

  2. Høres ut som en god id'e;) Haha kan tenke meg det!!


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