Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Fountain

Valentines at the office was nice, but twice as nice when we got home and could cuddle up with a movie. Being the day of love and all, we wanted something romantic to watch.. That's when we accidentially stumbled over this amazing movie!

My husbands reaction, when I said I was going to do a post about it was; How, it's like trying to describe someones acid trip! And I have to agree, it's big questions and hard to grasp around. It moves around in time and space, and has plenty of metaphors. But in a good way, I would say. It raises some important questions about life. I say the movie is well worth the watch, just be ready for a spaced out wonderland!


As we watched, a beautiful, surreal, sad story about spirituality, love, life and death unwrapped.. We see one mans struggle, Tommy (Hugh Jackman) to save his wife Izzi (Rachel Weisz) from dying of cancer. Being blinded by love and sorrow, drivven allmost to madness, trying to find a cure from a tree sample from the South American jungle. In the jungle we follow a young conquistador, Tomas's search for the tree of life, the first tree from the garden of Eve. Risking everything in the search for it, to save Spain and the queen. To become the new Adam and Eve, and to live forever. Also we are taken into space, where we see the space traveller Tom. Inside a big bubble, with a dying tree that is human. The tree is his love. We see how he's taking samples of the tree and trying to keep her alive, to find a cure..

She on the other hand is trying to let him know, it's ok to let go. She's in peace with the thought of dying. She tries to tell her husband that mortality is a natural part of life, that shouldn't be taken away. Instead of our constant search for imortality and living forever through modern medicine and sience. How we in a way do live forever, in everything around us. And how she can still be with him, if he only believes it too.

After all, the possibility of dying. That every day and moment could be your last one, gives life that extra spark! What would life be without death? Not that I wish to die, but I think it would be quite boring and overpopulated.. What do you think? What would happend if we were made imortal??









  1. Great pick. There is a course of things in life to experience. Each stage we learn the things needed to make life complete. To grow old with the one you love is priceless.

  2. Very true!! Mmmm I can't wait to grow old with my man, I truely hope I see that day. When we both sit on the porch, old and wrinkled up. Walking down memory lane together.. I think it must be a real gift to get to experience life together with the one I love! Sharing the same memories and have been young together.. The changes, the ups and downs and twisted road that finally leads you to that point in life when you can lean back and hopefully know that you lived life to the fullest;) Better to have lived than to regret, I say!


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